Relationships In This Is How You Lose Her By Junot Diaz

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The novel “This Is How You Lose Her” by Junot Diaz is a novel about relationships. The story follow the main character, Yunior, a plain Dominican man living in the suburban area and his relationships with women. The novel also tells the story of Yunior’s father and brother and their relationship with women. Yunior speaks both Spanish and English, and usually speaks with a Spanish slang. Yunior, in the novel, is popular with the women, and Yunior make use of this to sleep with countless women. The themes that are portray in the novel “This Is How You Lose Her” by Junot Diaz are love, lust and respect are the elements that affect relationships. In the first chapter of the novel, Yunior claims to love a woman named Magda, in which …show more content…
Rafa is described as rude and disrespectful because of his attitude. The way Rafa talks to his mother is really unacceptable because of his tone and voice were described as yelling by Diaz. Even so, his mother support Rafa’s wrath as in the novel “If he’d come home one day and said, Hey, Ma, I exterminated half the planet, I’m sure she would have defended his ass: Well, hijo, we were over-populated.”(Diaz, 109) Rafa’s relationship with his mother is not a strong one and never will be because of the lack of respect. Rafa do love his mother, but he do not love her enough to respect her. This relationship between a mother and son is not an ideal relationship. This kind of relationship also the one which can be broken with the slightest push, and the ‘push’ is when Rafa married Pura. Pura is purely hated by his mother, but that did not stop Rafa from marrying Pura. In the novel, it is said “Pura, man, was another story. Right from the beginning it was clear that Mami did not like this girl”(Diaz, 104). That is when all hell breaks loose and Rafa’s mother could not bear it any longer and she kicked him out of the apartment. The relationship between a mother and son crumble because of a woman. This could have been avoided if Rafa respected his mother and her decision and she had been a bit more stern and responsible for his son’s

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