Essay about Cell Phone Use And Driving

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Cell Phone Use and Driving: A Deadly Combination In the world today, society suffers from cell phone addiction. People everywhere use some sort of mobile device constantly. This addiction on its own, while still negative, becomes especially dangerous when combined with driving. While driving, cell phones create many distractions. Some of these distractions include: dialing on the phone, answering the phone, simply talking on the phone, and texting. These distractions constantly increase with all of the new technology available today. The smart phones in every adult and teenagers ' pockets prove deadly when used on the road. According to a government website, "In 2011, 3,331 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver" (Distracted Driving). Although various disturbances exist while driving, cell phone usage has proved a fatal but preventable distraction. In modern society, cell phone use occurs so frequently that many people fail to recognize it is affecting their lives. According to certain statistics, "81 % of Americans admit to talking on their cell phones while driving" (Texting and Driving Be Forwarded: Danger Ahead). An example that made national headlines involved the near fatal accident of supermodel Niki Taylor and her friend, Chad Renegar. While driving, Renegar glanced down to answer his ringing cell phone and crashed head-on into a telephone pole. When the police finally arrived, Niki was experiencing terrible pain. The supermodel suffered…

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