Causes Of Romantic Relationships Essay

What causes romantic relationships to break up?

One of the main goals in life is to find the right partner. These goals appear everywhere whether it is from television, books, i.e. fairy tale. We have our own idea of a perfect relationship; we look for those who is understanding, compassionate, thoughtful, and sensitive. At a young age, we see is what we believe, whether it is the idea from fairy tales, or “happy ending”. As we get older, we try to seek these “idea” of fairy tales, so finding a prince charming and living happily after after, but however, it never works to our advantage. Its simple, nothing last forever. When was the last time you heard or witnessed marriages that last more than 20 years, or yet, forever? There are many
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It is unhealthy from both party to feel that they are being trapped in the relationship with endless phone calls, and investigating each other’s contact list, social media, etc. If so, then the relationship is simply not working out for both. Relationships is about a place of conformity, and being yourself. Lets start off by how lack of trust can be developed. Your partner doubts are a proof of either propensity to trust, abusive sense of control or a broken past. The lack of trust comes from our beliefs and values to your emotional maturity. Subsequently it can be caused by the fear of losing control over something, and for this case “someone”. You want to have “direct and complete power”. Control is the opposite of trust, and in relationship we can give all of our love, and security, but however being “overprotected” drives your significant others away. It is understandable that in the past that we may have given all our love and energy to that one person who has taken our love for granted, and we are afraid of being hurt again. Everyone is different, and if we don’t take chances, and always live in the fear, then how would we find that one person who would give us their all? You got to be willing to give it or else the relationship would fail to transform into something beautiful, and

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