Case Study : On A Lazy, Sunny, Summer Day Essay

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Case Study Narrative:
On a lazy, sunny, summer day several years ago in St. Joseph, MI, I was recently into my first summer vacation. My first year of full time teaching was complete and I was enjoying some downtime. I had worked with special needs students, students with emotional impairments and students with Autism for several years prior; mostly through community mental health organizations or subbing in local school districts, nothing full time or steady. One thing that I did know was the physical and emotional drain that this work and these students can have on you as a caregiver or teacher, so this aimless and thoughtless day was a welcomed event to a year with a new building, new co-workers, new students, and a new city.
The building that I was working in, Lighthouse Education Center (LEC), is a center-based program for students with severe emotional impairments. Students come to attend LEC when they are unsuccessful in their local district with intensive special education services. The building services all students in Berrien County, MI, grades kindergarten to twelve. The mission statement of the program includes teaching towards student intellectual and social growth, appropriate education in accordance to a student’s Individualized Education Plan, positive reinforcement, with the ultimate goal being for the student to transition back to their local district. The transition to and from LEC is ordinarily a messy process; nevertheless, the mission statement…

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