Personal Narrative-What I Did This Summer

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What I did This Summer

This summer I did a lot of things, I traveled, went zip lining, and most importantly I spent time with family. This is probably one of the best summers I have ever had because my mom took off work to be with me and my brothers. Usually my dad stays home and he really isn't that fun. On the other half I got to go to my Dad's house because the way it goes for summers for me is that I have to do. The best thing I had to do all summer is I went to Alabama with my aunt and my grandma. The car ride was probably the worst because I had to be in a little car with two of my other cousins Sadie and Samara but it wasn’t really that bad. But when we got there in Montgomery we stayed at my aunt Cookie’s house because we still had three hours until we got to Mobile where my cousins all live. At my aunt Cookie’s house we played things like bingo and UNO until it was time for bed. When I was woken up by my cousin screaming BROCK YOU’RE ON THE DOG!! I was quite alarmed but I wasn’t really because when I woke up my cousin punched me and ran away. When I woke up though they were pretty much all ready so I brushed my teeth and we hit the road. When we finally got to Mobile my other cousin was still in
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The fish market was really cool considering that I have never been to one before it smelt really bad though. They must have bought at least ten pounds of shrimp and they had heads on them it was really weird when we got home they spent like forty five minutes picking heads off and there were four people doing it. Then when we ate it was so good it was pretty much like all you can eat shrimp because there were a lot. That night we went home and it was a bad trip for my back but that was alright I guess because it was all worth it I can’t wait to visit them next

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