Case Study Of Javier Villegas From Farmers Insurance

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“We are farmers! Bum bad um bum bum bum bum!” I went to interview Javier Villegas from Farmers Insurance. Javier Villegas is 36 years old from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. He currently lives in Wichita with his wife and daughter, also another child on the way. Javier graduated from college in Mexico, moved to the United States, and began a new journey in his life. I can say that Javier has done many things to be successful. To be successful in life one must know the importance of motivation, education, and self-identity.
Javier’s motivation is knowing that he has people behind him helping push him, so he can achieve his dreams. When I asked if his family was his motivation to work he replied, “Always, my wife supports me with everything that I do. Now that I have a daughter I work hard just to show her what needs to be done to make it here in America.” Javier also
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Javier said that many Hispanics are hardworking and do their jobs to support their families. He said that those who are undocumented do not get benefits from the government by getting food stamps, healthcare, etc. Many have to work around their undocumented status just to be able to feed their families and also themselves. Those that are undocumented tend to go to work as pickers or at someplace that no one wants to do. This also heated the interview and Javier went on a rant, saying “If the United States were to get rid of all of the Hispanics from here, then the United States would fall” he continued with “Hispanics are determined to work in whatever conditions just to get the job done. Those who are out there in the heat and are on their hands and knees are the real hardworking Hispanics because I know for sure that no other race would do that without complaining all the

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