Analysis Of Josege The Church Janitor Finally Quits

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Paying for a college education is the greatest obstacle when trying to achieve the American Dream. Everyone has the same aspirations to be successful by obtaining the American Dream, however, in "Jorge The Church Janitor Finally Quits" shows how one man struggles because he doesn't have a college education, he's an immigrant, and he has a low paying job. The attainability of the American Dream is low because the price of building houses was expensive and more people are renting than buying homes. According to an article written by The Washington Post, the writer states "In Las Vegas, the share of household renting rose by 10%” meaning that more people are renting apartments than buying homes due to the cost of home ownership (Badger). Also, …show more content…
People who don't pursue their college education maybe looked down upon. In the poem "Jorge The Church Janitor Finally Quits”, a Honduran immigrant works at a church and faces discrimination. Jorge's dream is to feel appreciated and valued despite him being discriminated against on a day to day basis. For example, at the beginning of line one, Jorge's presence is accurately described as nonexistent when he stated, "No one asks where I am from/ I must be/from the country of janitors” meaning that none of the churchgoers value nor appreciate Jorge because they think they're superior to him (1-3). Jorge continues to strive for the possibilities that may seem out of reach by showing respect, despite him being disrespected by the people in the church. Ultimately, Jorge doesn't achieve the dream because he's regularly discriminated against and he decides to quit his job after being contempt with the way he's been treated. Jorge's character shows how he's fed up when he implies, "maybe the mop /will push on without me”(25-26). Jorge continued to be respectful and continued to work until he reached the brink by quitting his job as a result of the constant intolerances he faced while working at the

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