Case Study Of Aga Khan University Hospital

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My aunt was one of the first people to ask me about my career choice. What did I want to be? It was an easy question for me. I told her “I’ll be a doctor.” There was never any doubt in my mind especially, with the support of my parents and emotional support from my paternal aunts who are also doctors. That single answer soon became a reality. Now I plan to seek training from AKU to prepare myself for an ideal career choice for its internship program
Aga Khan University Hospital is one of those great tertiary care hospitals with all kinds of specialties under one roof. It provides considerate care and treatment to its patients with all kind of diseases in different conditions, which any new doctor can avail from. This Hospital is a platform
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It is a place to forever expand my knowledge through hands-on experience with patients, as well as continuing education courses and research. The hands-on experience will make me a much better physician. Any subject that I had been particularly weak in can be rectified, or even improved here.
Additionally, the Hospital has many internationally trained and highly experienced doctors, surgeons and health care professionals to guide me so I can choose my future path with all the ease. It is a great opportunity to meet and interact with many of the staff and faculties to not only learn from some of its well-known doctors but also gain an idea of what I should do afterward by learning through their experiences and advice.
This Hospital will provide me the ideal environment to become a compassionate and considerate physician. I will be able to show respect to my fellow human beings by giving excellent care to all despite race, religion or background. This hospital will give me the opportunity to live a fulfilling, rewarding life dedicated to helping others. By working in such an environment I will not only be able to improve the lives of others but grow and improve
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It focuses on child rights, and advocates zero tolerance towards child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation, against the involvement of children in a hazardous occupation, neglect of children by parents and society, and against maltreatment and exploitation of children in less than legal standards. During this period, I assisted with school children and their parents from Sherpao Basti in visiting nearby school Rehnuma Academy for a simple medical health checkup and also helped with the paperwork. This volunteering enhanced my simple understanding of the relationship between poverty and domestic violence, and how that leads to children being used as objects. When I saw the children around me, I saw them feeling frightened, some even fearful of us when we newly arrived. There were some whose eyes seemed lifeless from the trauma they went through. Seeing them gave me the urge to do all I can to get them open up to us, and by the end of this few of these children even opened up to

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