Case Study Of A Child's Interaction With An Inquiry Based Activity

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Case Study


The following case study is of a child’s interaction with an inquiry based activity. The children will be able to connect with some key concepts of physical science. The outcomes are linked to the Australian Curriculum, Science/Year 2/Science understanding/physical sciences/ACSSU033 (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA], 2014). The activity is designed to promote children’s hands-on and mind-on skills, by applying their prior knowledge and understanding of how objects perform in water. The activity will also assist children in developing their investigative skills in science and other areas of education. Teachers will use their senses to observe the children, which is an important skill
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Therefore, it is valuable for educators to be able to adapt and plan activities for children who are actively constructing their understanding and knowledge of the world in which they live. The activity in this case study is based on the child’s interest with the expectation that they will enhance their learning, and be able to make appropriate links to previous experiences (Campbell, Jobling, & Howitt, p, 68, 2015). Science in education can been an extension of learning, children should be given the opportunity to engage in activities that promote a child’s investigation, questioning, predicting, science reasoning and communicating.

Questions (See Appendix 4)

A selected bank of questions that are designed to achieve the desired learning outcomes of the activity, however, they can be altered to suit the child’s own questions and conversation during the activity.

Discussion (See Appendix
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It created an engaging learning environment, according to Vygotsky (as cited in Cherry, 2016) children learn actively through hands-on experiences, which one way that Kody engaged, he also applied his mind-on skills. There was ongoing conversation, as Kody demonstrated his ability to predict, investigate and communicate his findings. In the future, it would be suggested that the children could record their findings. Photos or video, would be beneficial for children, they could then be used as reference in the classroom. The children could then extend upon this activity and use it as a foundation to inquire about objects on a bigger scale such as why do boats float. Which was something that Kody was interested in finding

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