The Benefits Of Athletic Trainers In Professional Sports

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Most people today have seen on television during a sports game an Athletic Trainer run out to the field to assist an injured athlete. They are the first line of care during any emergency situation on the field when they are present. Many different athletic and even non-athletic settings employ Athletic Trainers for the different services they can provide. Athletic Trainers can provide more than just taping an ankle and applying ice. They also create rehabilitation programs, manage acute injuries, along with many more tasks. They can be easily overlooked when the general public only views a glimpse of the profession and notices what they do off the field or court. Colleges at all levels and professional sports have realized the benefits of …show more content…
The years of education on sport injuries and treatment makes the ATC a qualified individual to educate the athlete and their parents on proper care at home and treatments that possibly reduce risk of re-injury. This care provides a different aspect that other professionals cannot fulfill. Many argue that coaches have enough awareness to be able to assist with sport injuries due that it is a requirement to be first aid and CPR certified to coach. Even though coaches are certified they only learn very basic techniques in emergency care and are not trained in sport related injuries. Wolohan and Campeas (2016) discussed a scenario where an athlete received a hit to the head during a game and the coach witnessed it but did not report it to anyone. They continue by stating that the coach never followed up on the athlete to check for any concussion like symptoms and let her participate the following game where she received a second hit to the head. They elaborated on the situation, stating that the family filed a suit against the coach for negligence. Coaches are informed on concussion like symptoms and mechanism of injuries to observe for but are not truly qualified to determine them or clear them. An ATC has more intensive education on the symptoms and safety protocol to ensure a safe return to play for the athlete. This puts the athlete at a lesser risk for more dangerous injures such as second impact syndrome with can lead to

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