Essay on Case Study Not as Easy as 1,2,3

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People, Work & Organizations- MGMT20124
Assessment 1- Report
Case Study Not as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Contents 2 Executive Summary 4
1- Introduction 5
1.1 Background to the report 5
1.2 Scope 5
1.3 Aims 6
2- Discussion 7
2.1 Organizational Justice 7
2.2 Perception errors 8
2.3 Stress 8
2.4 Exit-Voice- loyalty­-Neglect model 8
2.5 Team work 9
2.6 Motivation 9
3- Literature review 10
3.1 Organizational Justice 10
3.2 Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory 12
3.3 Expectancy theory 14
4- Solutions and suggestions 18
4.1 Organisational Justice 18
4.2 Stress 19
4.3 Improving feedback process 21
5- Conclusion 22
References 24

Executive Summary
There are three purposes for this report. It attempts to
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They said George was exactly sort of people they are looking for and promise him will get onto bonus system after three months probation. George was assigned in a project team with Daniel, the project manager and Janet, his duty is writing the report. However, nobody guided him how to write the report or told him about the role expectations; hence he could not complete his ideas in the report probably at the first meeting between him, Daniel and Janet. George’s manager disappointed about his report, they said “we thought you were a little more extroverted”. George was stress and tried to work more hours and put more efforts but had not satisfied his manager when he emailed his report two nights before it was due. Yet, Janet ripped his report to shreds, and told him she needs something more useful. It caused George felt down and lost his motivation, he came to work late, left early and took longer break than usual. He wanted to stay in ABC because of the bonus which his manger and human resource director promise him that everyone can get it after three months. Nevertheless, at the review meeting Janet and human resource director told him that he could not get onto the bonus system because he has not performed at they expected. Consequently, George sent out job applications in that night.
1.3 Aims
The purpose of this report are threefold, these include:
Identify the issues in ABC consulting firm which have negative affect to

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