Case Study Instruction Essay

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2) CASE 2: “Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, and Vitamin-
Enhanced Beverages,” by John E. Gamble, C75–C87.
Case Questions
1. What are the key success factors (KSF) in this industry?
2. Apply the Five Forces Model of Competition tool to analyze the Energy
Drinks, Sports Drinks, and Vitamin-Enhanced Beverages.
3. Apply the Strategic Group Mapping tool to determine the place of the leading beverage producers in relation to each other.

3) Case Study Assignment 3
Case 12: “Google’s strategy in 2010,” by John E. Gamble, C174–C193
Case Questions
1. Explain Google’s business model.
2. Examine the financial reports in the case to determine the company’s profitability, liquidity, leverage and activity ratios. Based on
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Report your financial calculations.
3. What are the key challenges in the processed foods industry? How well is Smucker’s positioned to take advantage of the changes in the industry? 4. Looking at how Smucker’s has grown in the past, what would recommend the company do to continue to grow and succeed?

6) Case Study 7
Case 28: “Countrywide Financial Corp and the Subprime Mortgage
Debacle,” by Ronald W Eastburn, C422–C436.

Case Questions
1. Explain the cause of the housing bubble and its burst in the mid-2000s.
To what extent is this problem the result of ethical failure? Explain.
2. Evaluate Countrywide’s role in the subprime mortgage debacle. Was the company’s conduct unethical or illegal?
3. If we are to ensure that a crisis such as the subprime mortgage debacle does not occur again, what changes should occur in companies such as
4. Using this case as an example, who benefits and who gets hurt when a company engages in unethical or socially irresponsible behavior?

7) Case Study 8
Case 38: “Starbucks’ Strategy and Internal Initiatives to Return to
Profitable Growth,” by Arthur A. Thompson and Amit J. Shah, C333–

Case Questions
1. Evaluate the role played by Howard Schultz in the growth and success of Starbucks. Is the company in danger of relying too heavily on Mr.
2. Discuss the business engineering

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