Case Study: Fiestar, A South Korea Girl Industry

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Fiestar is a South Korea girl group formed by LOEN Entertainment in 2012.
The group composed of five members: Jei, Cao Lu, Linzy, Hyemi and Yezi.
They first made their debut in August 31, 2012 with their single "Vista" and with six members; however, the sixth member,
Cheska, left in 2014.
While many of the members took part in various individual activities before the group's formal debut, all of them had been training together for two years and the average training time among the members was 4 years.
LOEN Entertainment initially announced that they would be debuting a six-member girl group that contained not only members from South Korea, but from China and the United States as well.
After revealing the names and pictures of the members,
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Cao Lu was born on August 30, 1987 in China. was previously a solo singer in Mainland China after winning a 2004 CCTV sponsored singing contest.
Her album, titled Cat, was released in 2005 under her former stage name, LuLu.

Quick facts:
Nickname: The Mood Maker
Position: Vocalist
Blood Type: O
.Yezi was born in Gangneung, Gangwon Province and grew up there.
She was a student at Kang Won-rae Dance School and learned dancing from Clon.
She traveled four hours to Seoul every weekend to perform as a backup dancer for singers such as
Park Mi-kyung (ko) and Hong Kyung-min.
Her parents were originally against her working in the entertainment industry, but changed their minds when they saw how much Yezi was advancing, and she moved to Seoul in her second year of middle school.
Yezi auditioned at LOEN Entertainment after one of their trainees saw her videos posted on Cyworld.
The videos were the two most popular on the social network at the time, and showed Yezi singing and dancing.
Yezi became interested in rap while listening to female rapper Yoon Mi-rae.
After training at LOEN for three years, she debuted in the new girl group Fiestar in August 2012.
Kim Jin Hee was born on September 5,
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She later replaced Joo on the promotions due her being diagnosed with a illness.

Quick facts:
Nickname: Boyish Face Leader
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @kimjeii

Additional trivia:
She was in Infinite's "Paradise" MV
She looks similar to 4Minute's Hyuna
She was one of the cast members on the first season of The Romantic & Idol, he paired up with 2PM's Jun.K,
JJ Project's JB, and MBLAQ's Mir on the show.
Im Min Ji was born on October 22, 1989 in South Korea.
Her stage name is Linzy.
Linzy was a trainee under YG Entertainment and was originally planned to be a 2NE1 member and is also one of the trainees originally planned to become a member from YG's new girl group (with the idea scrapped in 2012, and the group disbanded even before debuting).
She also recorded a song for the 2010 Korean drama Obstetrics and

Quick facts:
Nickname: Charismatic Lead Vocals
Position: Lead Vocalist and Face of the Group
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @linzy_minji

Additional trivia:
She loves sushi.
Kim Hye Mi was born on August 10, 1990 in South Korea.
Her stage name is Hyemi.

Quick facts:
Nickname: The Witty

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