Case Study : Delta Air Lines Essay

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Delta Air Lines is a global airline, one of the largest worldwide airlines pose a conflict with customer relations, by or through their divisions that reflect on individual performance metrics within the company. Some of their divisions would be in-flight services, airport customer services, baggage, and reservations, just to name a few. Different explanation of policies between divisions by different members’ pose an unsatisfied relationship and behavioral negativity of performance within the organization and pose a client-customer relations alignment and congruence problems that reflect on organizational requirements and constraints, not a macro level condition of individual and or interpersonal outcomes affecting motivation, effort and relations.
An example of this abstract organizational systems phenomenon is in ticket sales. A customer may be told that they have a free in-flight meal or their first bag is free within a weight restriction or what time one needs to arrive before flight for checking in and these relationships becomes unaligned once a customer arrives or is up in the air midflight looking for a meal. A customer may be forced to miss a flight because they arrived 15 minutes late because they were told to arrive 30 minutes before the flight by the reservations division, and at check-in with airport customer service, they are told they should arrive 45 minutes before the flight. In further, their first bag is not free and explained to as that the…

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