Case Study : Delta Air Lines Essay

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Three findings of Fact with Recommendations
1. Delta 's customer complaints were double the industry standard in 2009. During this period, Delta had the lowest record for a large air carrier with on-time arrivals. In addition, they have the greatest number of complaints for poor service and lost bags. The number and severity of these complaints will damage the image of Delta Air Lines.
Delta must be proactive with operational improvements or they will promote a negative reputation for their brand name from which they may not recover. Delta needs to urgently improve all customer service issues or face passenger declines. The board members, the CEO of the company, and the company executives, along with all employees are responsible for improving their customers’ experiences. In addition, the active board members and the CEO must commence with a progressive plan for corporate policy changes that will be put into action. Delta needs an effective measurable strategy that will enhance all of their customer service customer experience. Some recommendations are listed below:
First – and perhaps most importantly – Delta must address the issue of late arrivals, as this is a particularly important concern for travelers. The revamping of arrival times and expected flight schedules needs stringent controls to ensure that corrective actions implemented are succeeding. Delta 's competitors do not consistently miss scheduled arrival times, meaning that…

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