Case Study Analysis Essay

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Case Study Analysis

This case is about a man named Carl. He works for ABC Inc. He hired 15 new applicants. There was a list of tasks that he was given to complete for the new trainee orientation by June 15. Since he was new to his job and unexperienced, he was unsure of how to handle making sure the pre-employment paper work and screenings were complete. Checking to make sure that all the supplies needed were available and that the conference room wasn’t booked for the same time that he needed.
What problems appear in this Case: In this particular case, there are multiple problems. First, there is the fact that Carl took on a big task without much experience under him. He didn’t plan ahead in case
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Next, he need to call the printing company that prints the training manuals and see if he can get an order of manuals, one for each new hire, printed as soon as possible. If he cannot get them printed fast enough, then he should make a power point with all the information needed for the training. Carl will also need to print out packets for each new hire. Carl also need to find a new location to hold the orientation. He needs to check other conference rooms at the company’s office or rent out a space for it. He could check hotels, casinos, and banquet halls to see if they have any openings available. After he does all of that and all of the new hires have their pre-employment paperwork and screenings in, he needs to call all of the new hires and let them know the location and time of the orientation.
Alternative Solution Carl could reschedule the orientation. Carl can make sure that all new hires pass their drug screen and have all their paperwork in and completed. He can make sure that the conference room is open for a later date and he can schedule the orientation for that date and time. After rescheduling the orientation, he can order as many manuals as needed and have them

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