Case Study Analysis Essay

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Case Study Analysis
Chevy Mae C. Duque
COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing
November 17, 2014
Linda Boyer

Case Study Analysis
After reading the problem that Carl is facing, I have concluded that it was a mere lack of preparation on his part that caused it. Even though it is only his first ever recruitment effort as a new campus recruiter, Carl should have taken specific steps to prepare. I don’t think it’s too late for him to fix the problem, he just needs to regroup with his new trainees and reschedule the orientation.
It was early April; Carl Robins had only been working at ABC for six months when he first set out his recruitment effort and successfully recruited 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations
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Carl had already demonstrated that he has the skill required to recruit new trainees successfully. What he is lacking is the knowledge to deal properly with post-recruitment and pre-orientation duties. I highly recommend that Carl undergo some training on time management and goal setting.
It is important for Carl to create a timeline that he can follow and make himself a list of the things he needs to do. But before making and following a timeline, it is his responsibility to make sure he’s able to follow-through. You wouldn’t set a wedding date and start inviting guests without even reserving a venue for a wedding, would you? When Carl decided that he wanted the new hires to start working by July, therefore scheduling an orientation a few weeks prior, reserving a venue for the orientation should have been first on his agenda. The rest of his tasks should be planned accordingly, leading up to the orientation. If his chosen date is unavailable, he could pick the next best date and make the necessary changes to the schedule. Next on his list, Carl should make sure that all of his new hires have completed their applications. A simple follow-up on their applications within a week when they were first hired should have occurred. He can then request for their transcripts or any other missing requirements. It is also Carl’s duty to make sure his new

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