Case Manager For Intake And Initial Independent Living Plan Essay

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Social Services: On 11/28/2016, client Takeysha Sommerville met with assigned Case Manager for Intake and Initial Independent Living Plan (ILP). Client is 37 years old African American female. Client has a 10 year old daughter named Arnasia and a 9 month old daughter named Danita. Case Manager asked client how and why she became homeless. Client stated that she was renting an apartment in North Carolina for about 3 years. Client stated that she moved back to NYC to be closed to her mother; however her mother’s partner and she got into a physical altercation that sent her the emergency room. Case Manager asked client if she feels safe, client stated yes. Case Manager asked client if she has an active order protection, client stated yes. Case Manager requested to client to submit a copy of the order protection for safety issues.
Children were not present at the time of intake.

Client is currently conditional. Client was transfer from a single shelter; however, client entered to the shelter system in 10/2015 with children. On 10/2016 children were removed from the household by ACS and client was transfer to a single shelter. Meetings: Case Manager informed and explained to client that she is expected to attend all schedule ILP Review meetings with her assigned Case Manager for the purpose of assessing the family needs and barrier preventing the family to obtain housing. Case Manager explained to client that she is expected to cooperate in developing, carrying out, and…

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