Papa John's Case Analysis

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Introduction Founded in 1984, Papa John's International, Inc. has grown every day, and today it is in over 34 countries. In the United States, the company has more than 3,500 stores, spread across 50 states. With the aim of offering its customers "Better Ingredients, Better Pizza" and a unique experience of consumer satisfaction, the company stands out in the Pizza Restaurant Industry (Strickland, Meyer & Harrington, 2016).
Combining years of experience in the pizza industry with a strong work ethic, its founder John Schnatter has achieved almost immediate success. Today, Papa John's is the fourth largest pizza chain in the world and recognized worldwide for the quality of services and products. Its purpose is to build strong brand loyalty offering an excellent menu, effective marketing, robust franchise system, and commitment to training and growing employees (Strickland, Meyer & Harrington, 2016).
Case Analysis
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The company is aware that its success depends on the ability to work together, as a team, to achieve the expected expectations and objectives.
The mission, vision, and values of a company are fundamental concepts for the creation, organization, and development of a team. In this sense, Papa John's shows in its mission statement, the focus on the customer, franchisees, employees, and shareholders. From its definition, it is possible to plan, direct employees and build relationships with customers strategically. Thompson (2016), argues that "to be well worded, a company mission statement must employ language specific enough to distinguish its business makeup and purpose from those of other enterprises and give the company its own

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