Career Portfolio Essay

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A career portfolio is a compilation of a person’s skill, project, training and education. It can be taken to an interview, send to prospective employers or even post online. A portfolio displays a person best piece of work. It provides benefits to us to talk about what we have achieved and the challenges we have overcome. A career portfolio also offers evidence of work that person have accomplished. In addition, the portfolio illustrates our skills, abilities and show the quality of our work. Profile

I am a respectful, patient and hardworking individual, who always strives to achieve the highest level that life as to offer, at any given time. I enjoy learning new things and work very well under pressure, this helped me in solving problematic situations. I believe life is always a learning experience to recognize our strengths and weaknesses which help us in becoming a better
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One of my likes is for my environment to be clean at all times. Whether my environment is school, home, or church it should be cleaned at all times. A clean environment allows me to think clearly and focus positively. The sight of dust, dirt and cobwebs makes me feel sick. In addition, I love people who are frank and straightforward. Sometimes they might appear to be rough, but they are the people who never do anyone any harm. These people give you their honest opinion, which can help to build strength or on someone weak area. Another likes of mine is to view nature, I like viewing nature because it allows me to meditate and relax my mind. It helps me to keep calm in stressful and challenging situations. The beauty and joy of viewing nature give me a great solace. My other likes include working with people from different background and motivating others. My favavorite colour is pink, favourite food is Dumplin and curry chicken, favourite movie is any romantic movie and finally my favoirite music is Gospel and

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