Career Management of Michele Terry and Joe Francis Essay

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Career Exploration

1(a) What specific career exploration activities have Michele and Joe undertaken to gather information about themselves (their values, needs, abilities, interests, and desired life style) and their environment (different jobs, employers, industries, their families)? What could each of them have done to acquire more information?

Personal Information

Michele Terry Values: ➢ Promotion should be based on experience. ➢ Providing competitive service to the society as a part of bank. ➢ Emphasize on the personal goal.

Needs: ➢ An MBA degree. ➢ Multidimensional job experience ➢ Image of an officer.

Abilities: ➢ Bachelor degree. ➢ Competency in marketing
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He was not giving attention to his work and not enthusiastic, rather he worked only for his luxurious family life. He was not aware of his employer’s dissatisfaction and not tries to develop his work. So we can say that he has no career goal.

2(d) Is Joe currently decided of undecided about his future career? If decided, does he appear to be vigilant or hyper vigilant? If undecided, does he appear to be developmentally or chronically undecided?

Joe is currently undecided about his career. He appears to be chronically undecided.

Career Strategies

3(a) What specific career strategies has Michele implemented? Were they effective? Why or why not?

Career Strategy: Career strategies are activities that help a person to meet career goals.

The strategies Michele implemented as follows:

➢ Competence in the present job
This is an attempt to perform effectively in one’s current job.

She wanted to broaden the scope of her current position. She wanted to influence the bank’s approach to community reinvestments.

➢ Extended work Involvement
She engaged with additional responsibilities on her current job by leading a task force by new market development.

➢ Skill Development
She developed different skills through attaining different training seminars on community reinvestment.

➢ Development of Mentor and other Supportive Alliances
Mentoring can be defined as relationship between

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