Career Goals Essay

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Throughout my life I have been interested in many different things. Take music for example. Some people will listen to one genre and will stick to it. That’s not how I am. I can listen to every type of music out there. I don’t really favor one over the other. Throughout my life this has been typical of every different circumstance that I encountered. I don’t just stick to one group of friends, I have many different friends that are nothing alike. In high school there are people that stick to just one click but I wasn’t one of them. I hung out with the nerds/geeks, preppy kids, jocks, rejects, etc. I got along with everyone and didn’t care which group of friends I hung out with on the weekend. I just went wherever I felt was going to …show more content…
I’m sure that I would have kept procrastinating and socializing excessively. I graduated high school in 2008 and came straight to Ivy Tech. It took me two years to get two semesters of college completed. It’s safe to say I started off on the wrong foot. Even though I knew I was older and knew that I didn’t have the time to be messing around I still wasn’t able to completely give myself to my academics. After withdrawing out of many classes and barely skating by with B’s and C’s I decided to take a break because I hated going to school and it was way more fun to hang out with my friends and make money so that I could party on the weekend. If it wasn’t for my past I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am so involved in my school work that I actually enjoy doing homework so that I can get my straight A’s for the semester. If it wasn’t for my son I’m not sure what would have made me change. It’s because of him that motivated me to get a degree no matter how hard it is. Not only do I want to get a degree but I want to be at the top of my class. I am tired of doing the bare minimum just to get by. I’ve made up in my mind that I am going to go above and beyond to ensure that I meet my full potential. Setting goals is one of the biggest things that helped me out. I set long term goals and use my short term goals to make sure that I’m on track to meet my long term goals. Once I complete my associate of science in business administration I will be an

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