Career Goals and Learning Paper

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Individual Career Goals and Learning Plan Paper

Tammara Boudoin


July 25, 2010

Dr. Christine Enslin

Individual Career Goals and Learning Plan Paper My career plans and how I was going to achieve them was something that I have always thought about before I enrolled in school at the University of Phoenix. I have my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Services grom Southern University, and I decided to return to school to pursue my Master’s of Science Degree in Psychology at the University of Phoenix. My plan is to become a counselor, whether it is a rehabilitation counselor, mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor, or behavioral counselor. I chose to pursue this career because I enjoy
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I have to be organized and disciplined because not only do I have school, but I also work and take care of my family. One reason why I have to be organized and disciplined is because then I would probably be procrastinating. Procrastinating can cause all kinds of problems especially if there was ample amount of time to get something done, and I waited until the last minute to finish the work that need to be completed. By utilizing the resources and tools available to me by the University of Phoenix, I will be able to have help with my writing assignments, check for plagiarism, check for grammar and spelling, and communicate with my instructor as well as my peers. My learning style varies depending on what I am learning or doing at that time. I learn by communicating verbally and nonverbally. Sometimes, I learn by viewing things from other people’s perspective. Some of the techniques I use are discussing the information with my peers, take notes, or work hands on. I also enjoying helping others because not only do I help that individual, but I am also learning from that individual too. The different methods I can use to retain information for this course. I can communicate with my instructor and my peers about the topic being discuss in class. I can ask questions if I need additional help. I can learn how to strengthen the areas that I need to work

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