Essay about Career Goals : A Hospital Executive Director

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“Listening is perhaps one of the most frequent communication activities that occur in the workplace. It also contributes to career success by meeting organizational objectives, promoting career advancement, understanding organizational events, performing jobs well, and building networks and relationships” (Walker, 2015).
I would like to pursue a career in Health Care as an administrator. My long term goal is be one day be a Hospital Executive Director, however, my short term goal is to work an Assisted Living administrator so that I can gain the necessary experience. As the administrator I will be responsible for the entire financial operation of the Assisted Living Facility; select and hire competent employees and have knowledge of their positions not only to successfully hire and supervise them, but also to be able to assess their performance. I will be responsible for the effective operation of the facility to the residents, to their families, to employees, owners and stockholders, and the governing body (Allen, 1999).
Working with seniors may be a jarring task for most people but, I do not find anything more challenging and enjoyable than making life easy for someone who has gained wisdom but lost control of physical and mental amenities. Even though I have never worked in a large assisted facility as an administrator, I have hands-on experience in directing the operations of a smaller facility. I understand that this field of work requires great…

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