Importance Of Reflection In Acting

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As class has progressed this semester I have seen such a difference in the way I approach text and breath through my acting. Breath has been a continual theme, but it is really not about the air moving into our lungs being absorbed into our blood stream and then the CO2 exiting our bodies. What makes breath so special in response to voice is and how we use this very scientific process to make emotional connections and expressive actions that joins us as humans to each other and connects an actor to their audience. Over the past few weeks we have explored breath and many other aspects of voice. I have learned how to incorporate these different aspects into a practical acting setting through the development of a warm up, poem rehearsal, and …show more content…
Rehearsals are by far my favorite thing that we have done so far in class because a lot of the time students, myself included, will perform with a lot of needed improvement, but during a short amount with the right instruction of time there an actor can create a feeling in the audience that was not present during the first reading. This transformation is absolutely magical to watch and amazing to experience. During the classes that were instructed by our guest professor, Austin, who is an absolutely amazing actor and instructor we got the opportunity to dive into the poems for rehearsal. What made the experience with Austin so awesome is that instead of each one of us performing an being give the same, or even similar, critiques he let us perform and gave us each a completely different and unique critique that was individual to our specific poem. For one student he would have them do a lot of visual and imagery work while other he had others physically fighting one another to achieve an end goal at the other end of the room. After my first reading of my poem I was asked what the poem meant to me, and my personal thoughts toward the text. After explaining my thoughts the first thing he told me was that he thought that I was more passionate about this topic than I was letting on. This of course was constructive criticism, but it was also in my eyes a great compliment, because to me that meant that he could see my passion and desire to share this story and I just need have the courage and means to carry that message through. Which could be attained with imagery and work on the piece. In my short rehearsal time I was instructed to visualize the person to whom I was speaking and it was surprisingly easy to answer the questions about the physical aspects of the person I was speaking to, but it was much more difficult to keep this vision through the length of my

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