Career Essay

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My Dream Career
Danielle Flynn
University Of Phoenix

Career.2 Over the past years my career that I have wanted to do has change many times. You could say that it would take me back to the time when I was a little child acting out all different kinds of careers. Up until recently I truly did not know what I wanted to do. My family and I were sitting around in our living room discussing what I wanted to do with my life. Then all the sudden my dad was talking about becoming a nurse. That’s when it clicked; I wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to be the one out there helping people when they needed it and be someone who would be there for them when they were hurt or injured. The true definition of a registered nurse according
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The remainder worked mostly in government agencies, social assistance agencies, and educational services. About 21 percent of RNs worked part time.” (para. 27). This here is proof that nursing will be a job that will be around for many years even if no more hospitals existents. Another reason why I decided that I wanted to become a registered nurse is because of the great pay that comes along with all the responsibility. While doing my research I came upon a helpful website and they stated “The income of a registered nurse is influenced by location, education and experience. Results from a survey in 2006, conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed that the average income of a nurse practicing in the United States is $57,280. The middle 50 percent earned $47,710 to $69,850. Nurses with more responsibilities or specialized experience have more opportunities for advancement and an increase in salary.” (nursing school, para. 10). The reason that this was a big deciding point is because I want to be able to get thing that I want when I want them. Also I want to be able to have a great house and not have to worry about if I am going to be able to make the bills every month. I do not want to end up in a bad situation where I can never get back on top. In

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