Career Essay: A Career As An Administrative Assistant

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What’s my career choice you ask? Well I want to be an Administrative Assistant. That’s the person who sits behind the front desk at a hospital, clinic, dentist office, a school, prison you can even work for travel agencies. I know it sounds fun and easy right? Well that may be correct but you also have to understand that the things we see in this field gets real, and what I mean by that is; the charts we see happened and cannot be taken back. You’ll see murder scenes, rape victims (young and old) drug addicts and more if those are weak subjects for you then this is not the job you need to be applying for because you will see those on a daily basis. It takes tough skin to work this position. You know what else goes on behind our desk? Answering the …show more content…
As you can see our job gets pretty busy, but it pays off in the end and leaves you finically stable. The main thing you must remember in this field is that HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) is confidentiality, one thing you cannot do is tell something that you’ve seen on a chart or discuss anyone’s business with no one but the patient or the doctor. Although it’s a lot of work and things to remember here’s a bright side to those long hours and late nights, you get benefits! What I mean by that is overtime pays $18.94-$37.71, and BONUSES range from $202.03-$4,055. Do you know what that means? It means you can go on vacation when you want and all your expenses will be paid for, being an administrative assistant gets you company insurance. Meaning dental, vision, health etc. All because you sit behind a desk and do your job correctly. If you are married you can carry your spouse on your insurance and not have to worry about anything. I hope this essay helps you understand the reason I chose this career, and why I think it’s in my best interest to take up this field of work. Thank

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