Essay about Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan Part II
Training & Mentoring Program
Leon Stovall
University of Phoenix


FROM: Sales Manager

SUBJECT: Sales Team Training & Mentoring Plan
As a result of the recent selection of our new sales team, I have created a training and mentoring plan. I have attached to this memo a training plan which outlines topics such as, new training and mentoring needs, objectives of the program, performance standards, delivery methods, content, time frames for training, evaluation methods, feedback, and remedial training.

Please review this memo and attached plan, and provide any necessary input. If you have any questions you may contact me at tel: 505-463-9714 or email at:
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Content, Delivery Methods, and Time Frames. Specific training content, delivery methods, and time frames are established for each of the three tiers of sales team training, New Hire, Experienced, and Management and are as follows:

* New hire training is a 45 day program consisting of very interactive classroom learning coupled with actual field study experience. This on-the-job method of training consists of 10 days of classroom curriculum that includes intense and interactive training of InterClean’s products and services, InterClean’s competitors, the fundamentals of sales techniques, and customer relations after the sale. Curriculum from Duane Sparks, the author of the bestselling book, “Action Selling” includes, “buyer/seller relationships, sales call planning, questioning skills, presentation skills, and gaining commitment” (Sparks, 2008). Learning such things as, “the right kind of objectives for sales calls, selling yourself before you sell anything else, selling your company and its products and solutions as the best match for your customer, and asking for a commitment smoothly and effectively, “ are all important to being the a productive sales team member at InterClean (Sparks, 2008). After the initial 10 day classroom training, new hires will

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