Career Changes Throughout A Life Span Essay

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Throughout a life span many changes will take place within your career. Some changes will be good or bad. What drives the change to occur within a career is status, money or health related issues? Career changes are general made to enhance life style. Role transition is moving from one disciple to another, while still remaining in same field. The roles will change as well as the mindset to create a better change. Transitioning from one level of nursing to another usually occur when a person receives more education. Education opens up the doors for many new opportunities with the health care industry and corporate world. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic predicted in 2012 a 19% increasing demand for nurses and an employment rate of 3,238,400 for Registered Nurses.
Transitioning from an associate to a bachelor of nursing can be challenging. An associate degree nurse receives a two year degree from a technical school, community college or diploma, but a nurse with a bachelor’s degree has a four year degree from a university (Bureau of Labor Statistic). The foundation is the same, however the application practice is different in the way the care is provide from a bachelor degree nurse. A bachelor degree it provides leadership skills to build from the associate degree program and heighten your sense to care for the patient.
The opportunities are plentiful once I achieve an advanced degree. The type jobs that become available are chief officer nurse, insurance company,…

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