Career Application For Mexican Americans Essay examples

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Career Application
Interpreting is a complex profession, made even more complex with cross-cultural communication. According to Schaefer, non-Mexican Americans viewed Mexican Americans as second class citizens; therefore they were expected to conform to the mainstream culture (2015, p. 227). They have also faced many barriers and lack of access to employment (Valenciana, 2006, para. 6). These are important aspects to keep in mind while interpreting for Mexican Americans. As interpreters, it is important to take all cultures into consideration, as they will undoubtedly affect our work. We must be sensitive to cultural differences, simply due to the fact that we will interact with so many different people on the job.
For example, the concept of familioso discussed in the “Family and Religion” section of this paper, is certainly pertinent to the interpreter. For example, if the family is present during a medical appointment, the interpreter should make sure to acknowledge the presence of the family, rather than ignore them (Mindess, 2014, p. 184). It is important to realize that Mexican American families tend to be more interconnected, and adjust accordingly during the interpreted scenario. Since family comments may be interjected during an interpreted situation, (Mindess, 2014, p. 135) it is crucial to realize there may be multiple comments to interpret, or more people to interpret for. Additionally, since Mexican Americans may maintain a close distance for…

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