Cultural Factors In Transcultural Nursing

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Transcultural nursing recognizes the influence of cultural factors on the human experience including the individual’s views of well-being, health, illness and death. To effectively plan care and interventions that the patient will positively respond to, it’s essential that the nurse learn about the patient’s culture (Andrews & Boyle, 2016). For this week’s discussion post I will review how the Hispanic culture perceives communication, space, social organization, time, and environmental control as well as discuss any ethnic biological variations. The purpose of the review is to better understand how these factors influence the Hispanic culture and to how to incorporate this information when giving care to the Hispanic patient.
Understanding the habits of a population will aid in tailoring health messages to that audience. Most Hispanics integrate English and Spanish into their everyday language, fluidly moving back and forth between both languages. Because of this, using an interpreter is a must. It’s also beneficial to include other family members into the conversation with the patient. Individuals are very attached to extended and nuclear families. Family identity is very important. Due to “machismo”, men are often dominant and are involved in many decisions (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.).
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Healers are prevalent in many Latin countries including Mexico, Brazil, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Healers distinguish between traditional “hot” and “cold” illnesses and they also distinguish between natural illnesses and unnatural illnesses which are thought to be caused by sorcery. Symptoms are viewed based on cultural perceptions. “Susto” (soul loss) occurs with symptoms of anxiety or post-traumatic shock. “Empacho” (abdominal pain) is attributed to food stuck in the intestine. “Mal de ojo (evil eye) is thought to be caused by a hex from a jealous look (Juckett,

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