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Advanced Nursing Practice I
Genitourinary Care Plan Case

Genitourinary Care Plan
Patient Initials: H.M Age: 60 years old Sex: Male

Subjective Data:

Client Complaints: Decreased Urinary flow, dysuria, nocturia, urinary frequency, low grade fever.
HPI (History of Present Illness): This 60 year old Hispanic male presents at the clinic today with a chief complaint of urinary frequency, decreased urine flow, increased nocturia, slight terminal dysuria and low grade fever. The patient was experiencing these symptoms for the past two years, but they had increased a whole lot more during the last two weeks. Upon assessment, it is noted that the patient has a
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Patient needs to be educated on when and how to access the healthcare system and inquire for assistance. Patient needs to be educated on how to protect himself and others from getting infection like sexually transmitted disease; in his case like prostatitis. Educate patient on the use and importance of condom, to keep him safer. As Nurse practitioners, it is essential to talk to the patient about the disease process and all treatment options available to him; more importantly about disease prevention. We also need to stress out to patient the importance of eating a healthy diet and the benefits of daily physical activity. Nurse practitioners should also emphasize on the importance of not only follow up with their health care provider, but also to follow the prescribed treatments and recommendations (Allender, J. & Rector, C. 2010).
Objective Data:
Vital Signs including BMI :
Objective Data:
Vital Signs including BMI :
Objective Data:
Vital Signs including BMI: B/P 140/92 right arm/sitting Temp 99 po Pulse 80, regular RR 18 unlabored Weight: 200# Height: 71” BMI 27.7
Physical Assessment Findings: HEENT: WNL Lymph Nodes: None Lungs: Clear Heart: RRR with Grade II/VI systolic murmur heard best at the right sternal border Carotids: No bruits Abdomen: Android obesity, non-tender Rectum: Stool light brown, heme

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