Care Plan Essay

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Understanding Your Role.
I report to work in the duty room at the beginning of each shift. The rota is on the wall in the duty room so I can check which shifts I am working also if there are any shift changes.Annual leave - there is a folder in the duty room with the annual leave forms.If I wish to book annual leave I fill in the form and hand the form to the care manager.I check the blue diary to see if the holiday has been granted.Calling in sick – early shift by 6.00 -late shift by 11.00 b .Breaks - 10 minutes in the morning but this is up to the discretion of the team leader and half hour lunch unpaid.Timesheets are in the timesheet folder in the duty room .I fill the timesheet in weekly and total my hours
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Support offered to staff - sue runs the staff association also LCD have a counselling service available to staffs .Incidences are reported to the team leader in charge on that shift .Incidence forms are filled in ,they are found in the duty room. If there is a behaviour problem with one of the residents a form called behaviour log sheet can be found in the PCP. Regarding a difficult situation with a member of staff ,I would speak to the team leader or Ann care home manager
Equality and Diversity
Equality is to offer opportunity to all, give every individual a chance to achieve their potential ,free from prejudice and discrimination.Inclusion - all people should freely ,openly and without pity accommodate any person with a disablility with restrictions or limitations of any kind.Residents should be offered support where needed. Be offered the same choices as anyone else . and encouraged to take part in day to day activites.Discrimination might occur through unfair treatment towards an individual- through religion, race, disability, ,gender,age .If I saw any discrimination taking place I would intervene and report it to the care

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