Capitalism In The Fast Food Industry

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The private sector is a battlefield where the doves and hawks are absent. Businesses on a daily basis are pushed towards reaping in the most profits with the least amount of work. The war is for profits and these businesses are willing to do whatever it takes to win. The fast food industry can be seen as a military power in its own right. It has tiered leadership, hordes of soldiers at their command, and the influence to drive change. With this much power they are powerless to none. The fast food industry fights for capitalism. It is what powers their workforce and their passion to continue working or at least, that’s what they want you to think. They mask their good will of embracing capitalism when what they really are is a military takeover. …show more content…
It promises freedom and liberty to all who partake in it and by Americans being the patriotic people that they are, continue to wave it with fierce vigor. Many people today pack their schedules where the only free time they have is the time they spend on top of a toilet. Productivity is the new hobby and people are sticking with it. Because of this new mindset, people are working more and more which means they have less time to do the fundamentals such as making a meal. They resort to eating out at fast food businesses and those businesses know that. Because the general population has such a strong reliance on fast food, the corporations are allowed to get away with nearly anything. As long as these fast food giants continue to offer cheap food, the ethics are thrown out the window.
The fast food nation is a reflection of the American people. The American people want a fast paced life and fast food is able to fuel that. The American people want to spend their money on the latest and greatest and fast food is able to provide to that desire by providing dirt cheap food. This symbiotic relationship between the people and the businesses puts a strong reliance from the people to the businesses one which only profits the businesses. The people are slowly killing themselves both physically and mentally by continuing to patron at fast food while the corporations are being nourished by their

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