Raise Minimum Wage

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Today there are people wanting to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour due to the rising cost of living and being in tough financial binds. Some people find themselves unable to tie loose ends because their job just isn’t cutting it. It has been primarily blamed on the jobs paying them $8/hr and not being able to survive on it alone. But could there be another culprit causing people 's wallets to feel light? Poor decisions, family upbringings, and unwillingness to get a better job are all factors that play into the shortage of cash a lot of lower middle class people are having. Raising the minimum wage to $15/hr so suddenly will raise inflation, hurt job opportunities, and affect how job employers will have to pay their employees. …show more content…
Libraries are open to the public and can give people access to the information they’ve been missing to enrich their lives. Ranging from finding jobs online, to using google to learn how to get back to school, and even using books to figure out a career choice. Creating more pockets to put stuff in never works, people will always find ways to fill them, so having more money doesn 't necessarily reflect the lifestyle that they will have. More money doesn’t equal better living, but better money handling skills does. Gambling, eating out, drinking, drugs, going out to places are all factors that play a role in people’s lives and determines how much money they have at the end of the month. Americans are so used to living the fast life that fast food has become a dominate way of nourishing themselves, meaning they are spending wasted dollars on things that will diminish their health and burn a hole in their wallet. American people spend roughly 100 billion dollars a year on fast food alone. Meaning that if those expenses were cut and then put towards important needs or even into savings it could benefit frivolous spenders in the long …show more content…
Inflation will play a role into the increase of money causing our currency to decrease in value and ultimately not be worth an actual 15 dollars. Raising the wage will mean there will be less job opportunities, less employees due to employers having to lay people off, budget cuts and other financial problems. it would actually hurt the economy and create adverse effects. There won’t be jobs because employers will have limited positions available to be able to make up for paying them more, there will be less room for employees to advance since 15/hr eliminates the need for people to work their way up the job chain. It means damage to businesses big and small. jobs that pay minimum wage are usually jobs that are easy and require little to no prior experience, resulting in the majority of people it benefits are around the age bracket

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