Minimum Wage Is Bad Essay

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Why a 15 dollar minimum wage is a bad idea
Alexander bell
Craven Community College

It doesn 't matter who you are you will be affected by minimum wage in some way, and you will be affected most by the change in minimum wage and the effects that come along with it. Whether you are for or against a higher minimum wage you cannot deny the facts on why a higher minimum wage truly doesn 't make any difference in the amount of people living in poverty or the long term effect on the people who make minimum wage. This is the reason that I decided to write my paper on this subject talking about the side that is less commonly heard.

Minimum wage was established in 1938 to set the minimum that an employer must pay an employee.
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In 1938 the minimum wage was 25 cent which is equivalent to $4.40 in 2016 funds, and it has increased tremendously as the country has evolved and prices have inflated. It has especially increased since the 1990’s and still people are fighting for a higher minimum wage. But a higher minimum wage would cause another large inflation of price. So a higher minimum wage will only satisfy those people for a small amount of time before they are right back in the same situations with no money wanting a higher minimum wage again so where will it stop. Eventually one of the two would happen either the minimum wage would get so high that no one would will want to go to college to become doctors or lawyers because why would they when they could make the same amount off money working at walmart, and without having to go through all the headache of college or paying for it. Or all of the doctors and lawyers will just increase their prices then the people that make minimum wage will be right back into the exact same spot. Because what is the point of making twice the amount of money you would usually make if you have to pay twice the original amount for everything, compared to what it used to cost. Think of it this way “If we pass a law …show more content…
It takes skills to do jobs that pay more but that 's the point. Minimum wage jobs pay the minimum because their is no skills needed to perform them. This is why many of them will one day be replaced by machines and robots. Many fast food restaurants are already experimenting with robotics in their stores to cut down on human error and the cost of human labor. “One multi-tasker bot, from Momentum Machines, can make (and flip) a gourmet hamburger in 10 seconds and could soon replace an entire McDonalds crew”(Mcneal). If these robots were to take over the food industry which is a huge possibility in the near future it would eliminate a large amount of minimum wage jobs. This is why the need for unskilled workers is becoming very scarce. “When the minimum wage goes up, employers are forced to either pass costs onto consumers in the form of higher prices, or cut costs elsewhere–leading to less full-service and more customer self-service. As a result, fewer hours and jobs are available for less-skilled and less-experienced employees” (Minimum So as minimum wage goes up there will be less and less jobs available for those employees. Their will obviously be other jobs that will come into play for minimum wage workers as this happens, but the fact still remains that employers don 't want to pay large amounts of money to workers doing these jobs. Why else

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