Calvin Klein: Social Media And Its Effects On Business

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EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY Calvin Klein dominates social media with their unique campaigns and effortless upkeep of their social media accounts. Popular with millennials, social media requires a lot of attention to keep consumers involved and interested. Although they have an elegant exterior, Calvin Klein does not forget that their target market includes millennials, of which are always on their social media accounts. Many businesses have made the leap to social media and have seen results. Calvin Klein’s return on investment has been increasing, showing they are making the right calls. Although there are consequences, social media has been helping Calvin Klein in sales, customer support, and positive publicity, just as they intended.

INTRODUCTION Successful businesses have been using social media to connect with their consumers for the past few years. Many businesses struggle with keeping relevant and gaining the traction needed to become a company that consumers want to invest in. Millennials use social media much more than the average adult. Although there are many ways to utilize social
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As previously stated, millennials are the group currently making up the workforce. These workers are more likely to use personal social media accounts in the workplace, an average of almost two hours worth of work time disappears. Company accounts require constant monitoring for hacks, negative responses and feedback, and information leaks. The constant monitoring then requires extra staff, equipment, and payroll. In addition, the company needs to make sure there is no bullying or harassment happening on their accounts and keep their reputation in order. Any negative publicity could cost the company valuable assets. Moreover, measuring the return on investment is a tricky task for businesses because it is hard to differentiate social media sales from regular

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