Calveta Dining Services And Deer Valley Home Health: Leadership Analysis

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People often use the term leader and manager interchangeably but they are distinctly different terms used in very different ways. Although the roles and responsibilities of each position are equally important to the company’s success, employees that hold these important positions must define and recognize the special characteristics of each management position. In this paper I’m going to discuss leadership, management, organizational learning, and culture in Calveta Dining Services and Deer Valley Home Health Services. Their values, cultural environment and how upper management and lower management actions have a profound effect on their workers, quality of service, and turnover rates (
Let’s start with Calveta Dining Services. They are a family owned and operated company for over 30 years. The father, Antonio Calveta, has two children that work for the business, Frank and Jennifer. Antonio appointed Frank as CEO when he stepped down, to Jennifer’s dismay. She was made COO of the company. The two have very different opinions of what should happen at some of Calveta’s operations. As it stands, Frank is making all the decisions as CEO.
Deer Valley Home Health is a small company, also family owned and operated, established in 2005. The director
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As management consists of the functions of making corporate-policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing the firm’s resources to achieve the policy objectives ( In large companies the board of directors come up with the policy which is thereby executed by the chief executive officer as in the Calveta case. On, the other hand, Deer Valley is a small company still growing every year. Whereas, Calveta is on the road to downsizing management. The size of management ranges from one person in a small firm to hundreds thousands of managers in multinational

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