CTE 101 Reflection Essay

How did the insights gained through your participation in CTE 101 assist you in effectively planning instruction that was defined by the CTE model curriculum standards, CSTP’s, and TPE’s. Be specific.
During my participation in CTE 101 class, I was able to learn about engaging and supporting my students’ learning using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Using those standards, I was able to better connect with my students and bring their prior life experiences and interests to the classroom. When teaching 3D modeling in the computer, I asked them to choose an object to re-design and explain why they chose that specific object. With that particular assignment, I was able to connect with them and understand their interests and prior knowledge and experience. I was also
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Among some of the modifications I made in my classroom, I organized the physical space of so students had a place to put their materials while their projects were in progress. I also addressed the seating assignment to make sure the special needs and English learners sit close to the front of the classroom. I also prepared a document with all the rules and procedures for the class so students would know what to expect and how to behave inside the classroom. I created a system so each student has a number that represents them, so the Auto Cad book, the engineering book, the drafting tools and a binder where they store all their work have the same number. I also made sure students sit in pairs so they can help each other during the lessons. I also shared my background and my career and school experiences with my students to make them feel comfortable and safe. I truly believe that bridging the gap between students and instructors makes it for a better learning

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