Business Plan on Yogurt Essay

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1) Executive Summary

1.1 Overview and summary of Business Plan

Mama Mia is a goat milk yogurt dessert bar described as a self-served dessert bar where by customers will be able to enjoy choosing their own yogurt flavor with different types of fruits and topping.

The aim of this business is to incorporate limited unique flavours (e.g: Pumpkin, Eggnog, RootBeer, Key Lime Pie, Bread Pudding Yogurt. etc.)

The Mama Mia menu sets us apart from other dessert bar, giving us a competitive edge. We carry the highest quality fresh goat milk yogurt.

The yogurt provided by “Mama Mia Goat Milk Yogurt” are different from the common yogurt found in the market. They are 100% made from fresh goat milk produced daily with no any other
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Mama Mia will offer stamp card to accumulate points for customers when they buy a minimum amount to redeem free scoop of yogurt. Promotion will be given for selected flavour every month. Mama Mia yogurt shop employees will ask customers at the time of purchase to join their mobile loyalty program, which simply requires the customer to provide their 8-digit mobile number while paying for their purchase. The customer’s mobile number is entered into the POS system and the customer immediately receives an SMS text message welcoming them to the yogurt shop rewards program, beginning the process of collecting the remainder of the consumer’s contact information and building the yogurt shop’s customer database

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Part 3 : Competitive analysis

4.0 Industry Analysis

4.1 Target Market Segment Strategy

For our Mama Mia business market we need to focus on specific consumers with specific opportunities. As for individuals consumptions we need to lever off word-of-mouth recommendations, probably depending on our customers. Our yogurt market has the potential of providing large

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