Essay on Business Law and Ethics Case Study on Diversity

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Case #1 Webb vs. City of Philadelphia
This case involves Kimberlie Webb and the City of Philadelphia (mainly the police department). The case was heard by the United States court of appeals, third circuit in 2009.

The suit was filed because Webb believed her religious rights were being decimated against. Webb is a Muslim woman who servers on the Philadelphia Police Department. Webb asked permission to wear a headdress that would not cover her face or ears due to her religious beliefs. She was disciplined for failing to comply with Police Department Directive 78 (which basically states that all officers must wear a certain uniform and dress in a certain way in order to appear uniform and unbiased).

The Philadelphia Police Department
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As for the beard part of it, many men wear beards, yes Muslims wear theirs a specific way, but overall it may not deter someone from dealing with police in order to comply with the laws. I could see how someone may see a female Muslim as being week because of the status that has been portrayed from other countries as to how they are treated as a lesser human than men.

The Philadelphia Police Directive 78 differs from the “No beards” policy because the “No beards” policy does not deal with the uniform of police officers, it deals with the way one is expected to look. The “No beards” policy allowed beards for medical reasons. When two Muslim sued based on their first amendment rights. The court agreed with the Muslim men, because the city could not prove that allowing the men to wear their required beards would be an undue hardship. The Philadelphia Police Directive deals only with the uniforms and making sure all officers look uniform and by letting individuals wear religious symbols on their uniforms would cause an undue hardship. Even though Webb is only asking to wear a scarf on her head it is a clear sign of her religion. Not only would it make her stand out as an individual within the department but could cause her harm in the line of duty. After much thought about this I do find the courts decision to dismiss the case was the right one. At first I thought that’s not fair if the men can wear

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