Business Communication Trends Essay

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A simple analogy that best describes effective communication is when the brain is not communicating properly to the body; the body and the brain become ineffective, not functioning properly. The same applies in the business world. The vitality of a business depends on how well the organization head communicates, by way of sending and receiving messages, to and from the rest of the work body known as employees and stakeholders.
Now in these days, technology pretty much shapes day to day lives, faster than can be envisioned. Technology has enabled diverse entities despite time zone, distance, color, or creed to all come together as one workforce. There was a time, when internal communication consisted solely on sending memos, writing
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When addressing the recipients, it is vital to greet them courteously, and depending on the organizations customs, formal or informal. Greeting the recipient should be done courteously, and according to company policy, formal or informal. Subject lines should be simple and clear to include an appropriate opening and closing. The tone of the message should be perceived as gracious and sympathetic and avoid coming across as impartial to the matter, in many cases this can be perceived as being rude and offensive. Secondly, teleconference and videoconference standards do not differ much from emailing. It is practical to consider time zones prior to requesting any meeting – whether via telephone or video and placing a hold, sort of speak, on the attendees Outlook calendars. It is imperative to include an audio conference bridge and assigned numbers at the time the meeting is being requested. Otherwise, communicate to the attendees the information is to follow via an updated Outlook meeting request well before the meeting. Should meeting documents are required for the preparation of the meeting; these should be made readily available via email or addressed in the body of the meeting request a link to the organizations official web portal for these to be downloaded. Lastly, when opting to meet via videoconference, the same standard as teleconference should be

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