Business Communication Trends Essay

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Communication in business is essential. It is essential for productivity, relaying information, employee morale, getting and giving feedback. The ways that businesses choose to communicate have followed many trends throughout the years. Advancements in technology are a large contributor to the changes in business communication. Companies are hard pressed to stay current with their available communication systems.
Business communication plays a very important role in my day-to-day activities at work. I receive questions and requests for assistance through my email every day and prioritize each project, request, and issue resolution request for each coworker. As I work through each request, I communicate with other software vendors and help
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Some experts would argue that face to face communication is best, so that you would have the ability to “analyze whether a message is clear each time he or she gives an instruction”(Adkins). While I am a huge proponent for email communication, because of its organizational benefits and tracking abilities, I can understand that some communication would require face to face interaction. An effective business has employees that successfully communicate through technological advancements as well as verbal communications.
Some other trends I have noticed in my current workplace is the utilization of conference telephones. This small technological necessity ties together groups of people in small to large numbers. Conference telephones can hold small meetings between managers or can also communicate large training sessions. Now some companies even go so far as to have video conferencing. Video conferencing is a cost effective business communication trend. Instead of employees traveling to have face to face meetings with clients, customers and coworkers…they can simply meet with them via video.
Another trend in business communication is the internet. Training is more frequently done in my company by webinar rather than everyone flying in to the central main office. This allows groups of people across the country the ability to communicate and discuss new processes while

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