Essay on Business Communication Trends

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Douglas E. Williams
February 15, 2010
Bryan Spearman

“Mr. Watson come here I need you” Alexander G. Bell said during his famous phone call to his assistant. Mr. Bell not only invented the telephone he develop a trend in business communication. Business communication trends change as society changes and some current trends in business communication will be discussed throughout this paper. The trends discussed will answer the following three questions. What role does business communication play in day to day activities? What trends can be found in the workplace? What message types have resulted because of these communication trends? What role does business communication play in day to day
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Some businesses are now using what is called a telepresence. A Telepresence is a highly technical video conference (Titus, 2009). These video meetings can put business professionals from different parts of the world all in one room. This system has taken the place of flying people all around the country. Even though the telepresence’s are expensive, some say they pay for themselves in the first two to three times they are used (Locker/Kienzler, 2008). What trends have can be seen in a current or previous workplace? One trend that can be found in almost all workplaces is technology. The impact that technology has had on the workplace and society in general, is undeniable. It will become even greater as computers get smarter, faster, smaller, and so inexpensive that virtually everyone will be able to own one. Already, it can be seen how the nonstop, technology-driven, global economy is tearing down traditional concepts of time and space. The Internet permits a person to conduct business anytime day or night with a company that might be 10 time zones away. Portable laptop computers, cell phones, pagers, and wireless Internet connections allow people to work anywhere at any time, so they have more control over their schedules. Many cell phones are capable of synchronizing information and different devices in real time. With all these technological advances

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