Business Communication Trends Paper

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Business Communication Trends Paper Jennifer Amsler University of Phoenix COM/285 – Business Communications March 2, 2010 Paul Frise, Ph.D.

Business Communication Trends Paper Most of my current communications on a daily basis [Wordiness: "on a daily basis" is not different from writing simply "daily"] are with a 3 [Write out numbers under 10] ½ year old, so I would say that business communications play a less
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Of the many types of written or printed communication forms, such as [Check word choice: "such as" refers to things that are exactly what you are discussing; "like" means something similar to what you are discussing] ads, direct mail pieces, telegrams, reports, and letters, it is certainly letters that are [Clearer writing suggestion--see if the sentence can be rewritten to remove "that are" or "who are"] used the most. Our modern world of computer and electronic communication, like the Internet and the use of e-mails, has made a tremendous difference in our use of business communications, as information now [Clearer writing suggestion--Unless you are making a philosophical statement (Now is the time to improve myself) or mean "as of the present time" (the business is now known as Ajax Corp.), consider removing "now"--since this is being read after the time you wrote it, "now" is in the past] can be sent quicker [Check word choice: "Quicker" is an adjective (Speed dialing is quicker), but the adverb is "more rapidly" (I got through more rapidly with speed dialing)] and at less cost than in the past. Although the transmission of the business letter is changing, the essential act of sending a message from one person to another remains the same. Since [Check word choice: "Since" is more precise in referring to time ("after that"); otherwise use "because"] one person

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