Business Comm Trends Paper

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Business Communication Trends
Business communication can be defined as any type of verbal or written communication inside a business or organization. It could be used to promote the organization’s products or the organization itself, or it could be to pass down information to all employees. And just like everything in people’s lives, these means of communication has been influenced and are constantly changing by technology in all its forms. Back in the day, besides verbal, every business communication was made by written memos and letters. Today’s business communication has become a totally different interaction due to all the changes and new available technology, like email, web based pages, share network folders, teleconferencing and
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Only one email has to be written and send to every recipient, which definitely beats the old memos or letters were if only one was written, a numerous copies had to be made.
Another way of reporting communication highly used in the Military is the teleconference and videoconference, especially the second one. During these videoconference units station all over Iraq, Kuwait, Europe and the US are connected while giving their reports to everyone at the same time and of course, everyone sees them while they talk. Also, there is a power point presentation that is running along with the briefers so everyone has a visual of the information given. The main benefit this brings to the organization is time, instead of calling and briefing one company at a time, which could mean over a dozen calls, the brief is given to all at the same time, a real time saver.
After all that is done and taken care of is important to have back up and a way to see old information if needed, and that is when the web base pages and share network folders comes handy. All the reports are saved on its specific folder and permissions are given in order to access these folders, if a person does not have permission won’t be able to access it. This technology allows an organization to save reports for years which will give them the information to analyze trends and history; it also helps to have an

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