Business Case Study : Lowe 's Company Essay

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Business Case Study
The company that I have chosen for this assignment and project is Lowe 's Companies, Inc. Lowes strongly focuses on the mission statement “helping the customers to improve their homes”. The company started in 1921 as a small store in North Carolina. Great success and high demand of Lowe’s products led to an increase in the number of stores. By 1955, there were five more functional stores. Rapid growth took place around 1960s. Carl Buchan was one of the founders of Lowe’s, who died in year 1960. Exactly a year later in 1961, the company went public. This was the time when Lowe’s was given its name. Initially it was called North Wilkesboro Hardware Company. By 1979, Lowe’s established more than 50 stores in the United States, with 100 in pipeline with a strong vision. In the same year (1979), Lowe’s started trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE : LOW) By 2004, Lowe’s grew rapidly by successfully accomplishing a 1000 stores in 45 states of America. The company has grown rapidly from a small hardware store to world’s second largest retailer. (About Lowe 's - Lowes Newsroom. n.d.)
Carl’s strategy is a definite success factor for Lowe’s market situation today. His strategic move of reorganizing operations from a small hardware store to a wholesaler post World War II contributed on a large scale. Post the World War II, there was a construction boom that helped Lowe’s increase sales and generates revenues. (Gilliard, 2011) Rise of Do-It-Yourself (DIY)…

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