Apple Sales Force Case Study

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1. Recruiting and Selecting Sales Force
Recruiting the perfect sales force for high tech gadgets, such as the IPhone is requires thorough screening and selecting. Apple does not select random people, they select from their own fan base for many reasons. Apple requires an ambitious and influential personality with the ability consistently close (Inc., 2014).
Recruiting and selecting sales force strategy specific to the IPhone 6 requires the managers to decipher Apples sales needs from the typical sales person. Although there are strategies and selling techniques Apple uses, they do not necessary want pushy sales people. In fact they do not want the sales people to sell at all, rather help customers solve problems,
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However anyone looks at the situation everything could use an adjustment. In order to become number one and stay number one, there are many different areas of the business that can be analyzed and critiqued. Apple’s IPhone 6 is an exceptional product hands down, the product can sell itself, however if the sales force made some improvements Apple could gain a greater part of the market share. In order to remain competitive Apple needs to properly compensate their employees to keep top performers. Regardless of the benefits of working for Apple, money talks, and without commission they will never reach the top. To reach short term goals, Apple needs to review and improve the current selling strategy in order to reach a broader demographic, which can be done within the next year. To reach the long term goals Apple needs to motivate the current sales force through compensation and recruiting an effective sales force with regular evaluation. The analysis of the competitor also needs to be examined carefully, in order to zero in on their weaknesses. The long term goals may take anywhere between one to five years, depending on cooperation within the company on all levels. The IPhone 6’s simplistic and upscale nature draws in people, but to recruit customers from the rivalry, some of Apple’s strategies need to be

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