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In this assignment I will be writing about how my selected four stakeholders will affect the aims and objectives of my chosen businesses. My chosen businesses are John Lewis Company and Mile End Leisure Centre.

My four selected stakeholders of John Lewis Company are Customers, suppliers, employees and managers. The four selected stakeholders of Mile End Leisure Centre are the Government, shareholders, Local community and environmentalists.

How my selected business affect the aims and objectives of John Lewis Partnership:


They way which customers can affect a business are if the customers are not happy with the businesses products then they will not purchase from that business again. This means that business
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The expectations that the managers have are to recruit the best employees, maximise sales and profits, and for staff to work more efficiently.
Managers can affect many of the aims of John Lewis. One aim which can be affected is profit maximisation. This aim can be affected if the managers are expecting too profit then this means that they employees will have to work harder than usual. This may lead to the employees being less motivated which means it can lead to less profit.


The expectations that the employees at John Lewis Partnership have are high profits, good environment to work in and a good image of the company. These expectations could affect the aims and objectives John Lewis Partnership.

An aim of John Lewis which can be affected by employees is survival. This aim can be affected in many ways and periods, for example, during the recession. If the business are trying to fulfil the expectations of the employees, this could affect them because they will not be saving money to survive, but to fulfil the expectations of the employees.

Another aim which can be affected by the employees is growth. This aim can be affected because if the organization spending money to fulfil the employees organizations, then they will not have much money to retain so that they can expand the business.

How my selected stakeholders can affect Mile End Leisure

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