Getting Bullied Informative Essay

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A girl named Martha is getting bullied online. Not just from classmates, but friends to. If I saw this happening I would step in whether she was my best friend or a classmate I passed in the hall a few times. You should help someone at all times. That person could go home, and do something to injure them self, and you could seriously hurt their self esteem. Bullying is never the right thing to do, and just letting it happen isn’t the right thing either. Bullying is something that happens to kids everyday. It is a horrible thing to do. We need to stand up for people that are getting bullied because they are so scared and have been shut down by fear of that person to do something to help themselves out. Bullying can put people in depression, and even worse lead them to hurting themselves to where they could die. If I saw someone commit suicide because they were being bullied, and I saw and didn’t try to help I would feel horrible. There really isn’t a reason someone should get bullied. Just because they don’t have as nice of clothing, shoes, house, food, etc. doesn’t mean they should get made fun of for it. It isn’t there fault that they don’t have the nicest clothes. Simple words like you're ugly, you're fat, that shirt is trash compared to mine can do things to someone you never thought could. Words like that being said to …show more content…
Just know that those people are jealous because you have something they don’t. You are beautiful or handsome in your own way. Your life matter, and you are loved by many even if you don’t see it. God put you on this Earth to make the world better not worse. Take all your haters, and show them you are more then the labels they give you. Smile everyday, and make the most out of your life cause your days are numbered. Do something with your life, and be incredible and change the world. You might not think you can, but you can do anything you put your mind to. I believe in

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